The following is a list of Part 103 compliant aircraft. This list is incomplete. If anyone has information regarding aircraft missing from this list, please email me at

Since all non-motorized parachute/parasail wings fit as Part 103 aircraft, this list will simply list the exceptions, if any.

Fixed Wing SLSA Trainers **New
Make / Model Website link
Two Place Hawk Arrow CGS Aviation
M-Squared Breese 2 SS LSA M-Squared

Fixed Wing
Make / ModelWebsite link
Weedhopper 40
Quicksilver MX Sport **no known example meeting
PterodactylDFE Ultralights 'Dac support club
CGS Hawk Classic
Mini-MAX 103 &
Skylite and Zipster by
202 and 303 by
MitchellWing Model
Bright Star SWIFT*only in Belgium?
Challenger UltralightQuad City Challenger
Hart AeroHart Aero Baby Lite
Valley EngineeringValley Engineering Backyard Flyer
Aerolite 103Aerolite 103 *no contact info
Airdrome AeroplanesAirdrome Aeroplanes
Earthstar AircraftGull 2000
Loehle AircraftLoehle Aircraft *no UL specs on site
Phantom AeronauticsPhantom Classic
Thunderbird AviationThunderbird Aviation SNS-8
Preceptor AircraftPreceptor Aircraft N3 Pup
InterPlane ZJ -VieraZJ -Viera
Maxair Drifter DR-277Maxair Drifter DR-277
Sky PupSky Pup
Easy RiserEasy Riser
Thunderbird Aviation HiperlightHiperlight SNS-8
Belite UltraCubBelite UltraCub
Aero-lite 103Aero-lite 103
Out of production . . .
Maxair HummerMaxair Hummer
Kolb UltrastarKolb Ultrastar

Weight Shift / Trike
Make / ModelWebsite link
Sabre *340 no longer offered? *nanolite
Raven Soaring

Powered Parachute
Make / ModelWebsite link
Powrachute Sky Rascal w/
Six Chuter SP 103ss w/
Airframes Unlimited
Out of production . . .
ParaPlane PM-2ParaPlane Yahoo Group

Powered Paraglider
Make / ModelWebsite link

Make / ModelWebsite link